Era Bodrum Sailing Club

Era Bodrum Sailing Club

Era Bodrum Sailing Club has been started with the intention of organizing The Bodrum Cup in 1989 by Era Yachting. The club's primary aim was to promote sailing activity among charter yachts, and draw attention to sailing sports. With the help of success achieved in race organization, EBYK was federated in 1993 and optimist courses began.

Era Bodrum Sailing Club has continued as the only sailing education institution until early 2000s around Mugla region. In a short period the Club turned out to be sending members to the Turkish National Sailing Team.

Era has created the idea of Sailing School Ship "STS Bodrum", which will help youngsters to develop knowledge in sailing, and lead the construction of this first sail training ship in Turkish republic history. 

EYK's main goal is to appeal local youth by teaching sailing, in an environment where touristic activities take large place, and provide the young people with facilities of outdoor activities to enjoy after school.


Phone, Contact number for sailing courses in Bodrum: 0 252 316 23 10 - 0 543 513 09 39 or [email protected]